The first major European exhibition dedicated to the Chinese contemporary artist Yue Minjun will be held at Fondation Cartier pour L’art contemporain . He is probably one of the most imitated artists in the world, mostly known for his oil paintings portraying himself in various surroundings. The flashy pink self-portrait with the gigantic grin that reoccurs in every single painting of him is his stamp and makes his work instantly recognizable.

At first glace you might think his artwork consists simply by beaming men and conveys no message, you are wrong. They express a disappointment of the social and political situation in contemporary China and the human condition in the modern world.

Despite the fact he was born in 1962 in China ,the era where Mao’s strict regime insisted adherence , he refuses the label as Cynical Realist. “It’s not a denial of reality but a questioning of it,” Yue once mentioned.

It’s an opportunity not to be missed. Discover Yue with a broad selection of 50 paintings and sketches never exposed before.