For those men who think meat is for machos and salad is for wimps, welcome to Beef Club! This newly opened Anglo-style ,modern steakhouse restaurant slash cocktail bar is situated close to les Halles. The menu is based around “surprise surprise “ beef! Not just beef, 100% grass-fed beef from Yorkshire raised on an all-natural grass diet.

It seems that grass-fed meat has significant more health benefits, containing high levels of Omega 3’s—which can reduce cholesterol and fight heart disease and high beta-carotene which is a major cancer inhibitor.

I have to say I could definitely taste the difference, more flavor and less fatty. So much food nowadays taste so far from their natural origin that it might be that some of you developed a different palette and may not even like the taste.

Since the portions are huge and leave no place for desert, head downstairs for a couple of cocktails where you will be welcomed by a hip crowd, loud music and comfy velvet couches.

The frenchies love affair with American food continues…