Looking for something fun, unusual and a bit eccentric to do with your friends on a Friday night or a Saturday night? Why not try to go to Studio Galande to see one of the best bad movie ever, The Rocky Horror Picture Show? This cinema, that also features “regular” movies during the week becomes for a few hours in the week-end a crazy and unpredictable place. If you can actually see the movie. The funny part is the actors, called the Sweet Transvestites, playing on stage, making jokes and puns every thirty seconds, wearing disguises and transvestite outfits. Some people in the audience are also wearing costumes.

This is an interactive show, meaning that you won’t be sitting in your armchair quietly for two hours. Be ready to dance the famous “Time Warp” but also to throw water and rice at your neighbors! The actors are leaving the stage quite frequently during the show to mess with the audience so choose carefully your seat! It’s the type of show to go with a big group of friends, why not for a bachelor or a bachelorette party (in this case, your lucky friend will get a special treatment!). Oh, and also, be ready: this is a really fun and kicky show, not a subtle one!

The show is often sold out, so don’t forget to book your ticket in advance. You can do it really easily on their website.