My friend Jeanette is a chocoholic. She’s the kind that refuses the label chocoholic but takes half a suitcase full of French chocolate when travelling. Like 90% of all French women she also believes that chocolates are invented with the sole purpose of making mankind happy.

Salon Jacques Genin was a must do at least once a month if I wanted to keep her happy as a friend. During my first visit we waited at least an hour in line. While we were queuing Jeanette started her lecture on how chocolate is considered as wine nowadays, that you are expected to describe the range of aroma’s and characteristics of each bite you take and so on.

Once we were seated, it’s like you find yourself in a high-end concept store than a salon de thé. The few hours old chocolates, pastries and caramels were neatly lined up in a glass showcase, one looking more delicious than the other. According to Jeanette, I was here for 3 things: the chocolate, the mille-feuil and the legendary caramels. So that’s what we took.

Needless to say, you could taste the care and effort to achieve such a quality. It was excellent! Although in Paris we are spoiled with the choice we have, for the adventurous explorer of fine patisserie and chocolate, here you will be repaid in tenfold.