Tea and books are known to go on well together and tea lovers like to pause for a while with a good book, a nice cup and even a delicious sweet delicacy. Many writers are also heavy tea drinkers, the beverage seeming to bring them inspiration and calmness, but also the necessary energy to fill the pages. In the trendy area of the Marais, Le Salon by Thé des Ecrivains is a small tea-house cosily settled beside Le Thé des Ecrivains stationery and book shop, celebrating this happy marriage of  tea and books, and the place seems to attract many customers from the press and art worlds. The selection of the shop is very interesting, with books about tea of course, but also about litterature, art, culture… It is also difficult to resist the stationery line which made Le Thé des Ecrivains famous, with its nice notebooks, blocks and papers. After musing through the books, one can have a nice lunch or tea-break in the tea-house, decorated with an interesting mix of vintage furniture, while the walls are filled from floor to ceiling with books, objects to sell, works of art and many memorabilia related to the world of cinema. Le Thé des Ecrivains has created its own tea-brand, with blends inspired by famous writers or by exotic litteratures. The lunch menus are light and tasty, Asian inspired, and the eaters can test their knowledge and have fun with the literary quizz printed on the paper mats. The home-made cakes (green tea flavored muffins, lemon and mint cakes, cheese-cakes…) are delicious, great to savour with a cup of tea. Coffee lovers are not forgotten and can also have a cup of their favorite beverage. Situated in an animated neighbourhood, famous for his fashion boutiques and galleries, Le Salon by Thé des Ecrivains regularly hosts events, encounters with artists, writers or philosophers… definitely making the Salon worth its name, evoking the famous Parisian literary salons of the nineteenth century, with a contemporary twist!