Buttes aux Cailles is one of the most charming area in Paris, with its village-like atmosphere and its numerous bars and restaurants. Among them, one of the most famous is Chez Gladines, one of the best restaurants of South-West cuisine in Paris. Why is Chez Gladines so special? First because it’s really cheap, most of the dishes are around 8 and 14 euros. Secondly because you are sure you will not be hungry for the next 5 hours, especially if you choose one of their famous salads, served in a giant bowl. And, of course because the food is absolutely delicious! I strongly recommend their escalope de veau montagnarde and their snails and, most of all, their big salads, especially the Salade Cinq Diamants, with potatoes, tomatoes, cantal cheese, goat cheese and duck. They also have a large selection of good and really affordable wines. The restaurant in itself is really nice as well, but don’t expect a quiet romantic ambiance. The place is insanely packed, noisy and you have to share your table with strangers. That’s also part of the special atmosphere of the place, you are always guaranteed that you are going to meet new people!

One good thing to know: this place is really popular, for Parisians but also for people visiting so it’s always crowded and you can’t book a table in advance. So if you want to try this great place, you have three options: be brave enough to wait in the overcrowded and really lively room while drinking wine but the wait can be very long (it’s not unusual to wait 3 hours on a Saturday night!), you can also leave your phone number and they will call you when a table is ready for you or choose carefully when you are going. It’s easier to get a table for lunch or at the early beginning of the evening, let’s say before 7.15 pm. The owners also have another place on the boulevard Saint-Germain des Prés. The food is equally delicious and it’s usually way easier to get a table.