We all know Ralph Lauren, right? Quote: ”‘The brand of sophisticated, fine quality clothing which can be considered ageless but is still contemporary “. When it comes to RL the one thing I’m personally fond off, is their great taste for store design. With one store in particular – the Flagship store on St-Germain Boulevard.

Even when you may not like the brand, have no interest in shopping or not have the intention to spend that amount of money on clothes, you need to see this store! Especially those who have a background in design and architecture will be delighted to see how they converted this 17th century hôtel particulier in a tasteful 13,000 sq. R.L. store without loosing it’s authenticity.

For those shopaholics who accomplish not to buy anything during their visit, thumbs up! You can reward yourself with a lunch in the chic garden at Europe’s first Ralph’s Restaurant.