Are you a Chinese noodle lover, but tired of the endless bowls of industrially made noodles swimming in an oily soup that one can usually find in restaurants? Then you must visit Nouille, rue Faidherbe, in the 11th arrondissement. As its name simply and perfectly explains (Nouille meaning noodle in French !), this Chinese restaurant takes its pride in offering handmade noodles. Mr. Lin Shaohua, who is coming from the North of China, prepares his long and thin noodles on the spot, on a table behind the shop-window, therefore creating a sensation for the passers-by that cannot help coming in and tasting the noodles he makes with such skill. And these noodles are really as good as they seem ! One can choose between a simple menu of soup noodles or fried noodles (slightly bigger). The soup is clear, light, not too salty as it is often the case in other restaurants. The delicious perfume of fresh coriander adds a marvellous savour to the soup. The noodles can be served with chicken, meat, shrimps… all in good quantities, for a very reasonable price. Add to this a basic but very clean place (larger than it seems, as there is a basement room), a nice and friendly welcome, all good reasons to go and taste M. Lin’s noodles!