After munching on mountains of cheese, croissants and boeuf bourguignon you might for a change feel like a lighter and more healthier lunch.

This healthy Japanese influenced canteen offers 3 daily bento boxes  as their specialty. A box which comes with either meat/fish/tofu, seasonal veggies, some salad and grains like quinoa ,brown-and wild rice .

But Wait! The menu offers much more; fresh organic juices like ginger-appel-carrot , mini brioche pizza’s, different kinds of don buri ‘s, non-fried rice paper spring rolls and onigiri’s ( riceballs with salmon fillings).To increase the pleasure try out the fluffy green tea cheesecake, the carrot cake or the fondant chocolat yuzu.

While indulging guiltlessly breath in the stylish Parisian bourgeois- boheme atmosphere of Northern-Marais . Bon App!