Face it, longevity & health comes along with the importance of what we eat and how it is produced, and Parisians are the living example of this. They love picking out fresh produce on markets, knowing that it’s super fresh, grown by local farmers close to where it’s sold and going to end up being eaten near from where it’s harvested.

Every Sunday just off Boulevard Saint-Germain-de-Pres , people from all over Paris are getting out early in the morning( including celebs) to pick up there daily staples of organic products at Boulevard Raspail.

Different stands offer a wide range of products ranging from fresh artisanal home-made jams, seaweeds, wines, cheeses, loafs of excellent whole grain breads, vegan pastries, raw chocolates and much more.

Don’t miss the stalls selling chick-pea pancakes, home-made soups or the off-the-griddle hot potato pancakes, you won’t be sorry! Although, the only one who might be a bit sorry for visiting this vibrant market on sunday is your pocket.