As with Japan’s best restaurants, which are often hidden in back alleys or in anonymous houses, Maison Kaiseki is a little bit hard to find, nestled in a residential area of Paris 15th arrondissement. But the quality of  Hissa Takeuchi’s creations is worth the effort and the visit! Hissa has trained as a French cuisine chef in Japan, before coming to France in the hope of becoming a writer. He then rediscovered Japanese cuisine and decided to introduce traditional Japanese haute-cuisine, called kaiseki in Japan, to the French audience, at a time when Japanese food wasn’t as popular as it is now.

Hissa is very creative and doesn’t want his cuisine to blindly follow the rules. He deeply respects tradition, but dares to twist it, to offer an innovative version of kaiseki, and of sushi and sashimi. As an artist with his colours and brushes, Hissa uses food and tools to create plates that are a feast for the eyes as much as a feast for the palate. Full of energy, Hissa really seems to dance while preparing his dishes! He also published many books with his wife Elisabeth, to further the promotion of quality Japanese cuisine in France.

The prices may be higher than in other Japanese restaurants, but the quality is there, and there are bentô formulas and menus offered for lunch. It is also possible to order for take-away. The terrasse in front of the restaurant is very nice when the weather is fine. There is also a tearoom-boutique beside the restaurant main room.