Les Sens du Thé was opened in 2009 by the famous George Cannon tea-brand, in the 6th arrondissement of Paris. The place, inspired by traditional Chinese tea-houses, is much more than a tea-shop. In an elegant contemporary setting, the house offers its visitors the possibility to relax completely and to forget for a few hours the hectic pace of everyday life.

The salon, in the back of the shop, presents a choice of delicious tea-flavoured delicacies and various original Asian inspired light meals, to savour with a cup of tea. Artists are invited to exhibit their works on the walls, and specialists regularly come to talk about the world of tea, making the place a both quiet and lively spot, always full of surprises.

To further the relaxing mood brought by a pause in the salon, why not go down on the basement floor for a body or face massage? The spa offers several massage techniques (Californian, shiatsu…) performed by a skilful and friendly specialist with an organic range of oils (on reservation only). Even those who don’t have much time can benefit of the atmosphere of the place, in one of the massage chairs. Just be careful not to fall asleep!

On the same level, a traditional chashitsu (Japanese tea-room) hosts regular Japanese tea ceremonies, led by a real tea-master. A rare opportunity to experience the mysterious world of chanoyu, even for beginners who don’t wish to follow the complete and arduous apprenticeship to the way of tea!

Back to the ground floor, before leaving this bubble of peace, the shopping corner presents the whole range of George Cannon products, from flavoured teas to high quality vintage teas. George Cannon’s owner, Olivier Scala, is particularly renowned for his unique knowledge in Indian teas, such as the famous Darjeeling. His staff is also very competent, and always willing to help its customers to make their choice in the large array of teas.