All photo and photo books lovers, particularly Asian photo lovers, must pay a visit to this small shop (hence its name of Plac’art, a twist on the  French word “placard”, which means “cupboard”, “closet”). The place, conveniently settled at the entrance of the rue de l’Ancienne Comédie, near the animated Carrefour de l’Odéon, may have the size of a cupboard, but it is a real treasure trove, full of books and high quality prints and pictures! The veranda-like front space, opening on the street, presents a large selection of used and vintage photo books. Those who want to discover further surprises can follow the small adjacent corridor, cross the miniature backyard and enter the little shacklike room hidden on the back. This is where Clement Krauter, the place’s owner, keeps his best pieces. He also regularly holds interesting photo exhibitions in this backroom, the program of which can be checked on the boutique’s website. Clement Krauter  really knows a great deal about photo, particularly Japanese photography. He is always happy to share his passion with his customers, who are sure to receive good advice from him. And as Clement travels far in order to bring to Paris many books and prints that are hard to find in Europe, no wonder that Le Plac’Art has become so famous amongst photo and book collectors !