When you are wandering around rue Mouffetard and you hope to find a cozy place to have good drinks with your friends, the Kabanito is the best place to go. In my opinion, you can drink there among the best cocktails in Paris. One of the house specials is what they call Vodka Elect, a mixing of vodka, lemon, fresh mint and ice. It’s perfect for the hot days of summer. Another delicious one is their strawberry daiquiri.But it’s hard to choose, they offer more than one hundred different cocktails!

The place is tiny so it’s often difficult to get a table, especially on the week-ends so you’d better arrive early. This way you can enjoy happy hour (until 8pm), when all cocktails only cost six euros. It’s happy hour all night for men on Monday, all night for girls on Wednesday. The spot is warm, the staff welcoming, the music is never too loud and you can nibble on chips and peanuts while drinking your cocktails.

For me, this bar is really the perfect place to have endless girly talks with your friends. True, some guys like cocktails too so it can also be a good place for a date. After this first drink, you can easily find nice places to eat in the neighborhood.