Finding Asian restaurants is quite a big deal in Paris, especially when it comes to an authentic one. Paris is literally filled with hundred of so called “Japanese” restaurants. The downside is that most of them are run by Chinese entrepreneurs who foresaw the thirst of Fenchies for Japanese food, ending up serving dishes that are nowhere close to what it should be. Which is the reason why I usually opt for Korean when I’m in the hankering for some authentic Asian food.

Jantchi is one of them, a 2-level restaurant run by Koreans. It’s the ideal place for warming dishes on those cold winter days. You can find this convenient, no fuss atmosphere consisting of a mix of French and Korean customers (always a good sign).

The menu pretty much consists of affordable Korean basics, nothing special if you are familiar with Korean food. The bibimbap (steaming hot rice topped with sautéed veggies/meat) the hot pot noodle soup prepared on your table, the seafood omelets, Japtchai  (sweet rice potato noodle with veggies) and more. Of course all served with different types of ‘banchan’ (little veggie side dishes) and the famous fiery hot ‘Kim chi’ (pickled cabbage).

The service is friendly and quick, definitely no complaints here. The dishes are literally piping hot when they arrive, freshly prepared in stone pots and not too greasy. You might understand why I’m pretty much a regular at this place; no reservation needed, the delivered quality is consistent and the menu is fixed and affordable. You won’t experience a culinary “ high” here but it’s decent and just right!