When entering this gallery of the Marais area, one almost feels as in New York’s huge art spaces, settled in former industrial buildings. Which is not surprising when one knows that the owners, Jean-Luc Richard and his wife Takako, also own a gallery in New York. The quite lenghty rooms (more than 400 square meters) give the artists a rare chance to display very large works, as when the great Japanese artist Takesada Matsutani presented in 2012 an installation he rarely has the opportunity to show elsewhere than in public spaces or museums. The gallery space also allows the gallerists to present double personal exhibitions, bringing a very rich yearly program to Parisian art lovers. This program is of great quality, with renowned international artists and also talented emerging ones. The focus is put on contemporary art and on the rebirth of painting. But all media are in fact represented, expressing the passion that animates the gallery owners, who don’t seem to have any other prejudice than showing artists they truly admire and want to support, whatever their nationality, mode of expression or age.  The price range of the works is also very large, as the gallery sells editions of prints, ceramics and other mutliples works, making good quality art affordable for smaller budgets. The Jan-Luc and Takako Richard gallery also regularly participates in important art fairs, as Art Paris in France, or Art Miami in the United States.