Hidden in a secret and cozy passage that stretches behind a large wooden door of the Rue Daguerre, this elegant gallery has developed since its opening a very rich and varied program. Unde the sign of poetry, Corinne Bonnet, the gallery owner, aims to invent some alternative to the very speculative character of the contemporary art market. The galerist hopes to re-enchant the world, to bring back emotion, intimacy, sensitivity, laugh even, while embracing words, signs and colours, and without forgetting  a thorough and impertinent reflection on creation and art. The gallery also puts a strong focus on the communion of the various forms of expression, and regularly invites musicians, dancers and performers to interact with the works, in the gallery and even in the passage, during free evenings opened to everyone. The artists themselves often explore various fields of art, as Marc Bonnet who created moving paintings and evanescent sculptures. Or as Annette Derieppe, who explores the richness of paper through drawings and sculptures.

The artists represented by the gallery are not only from France but also from other European countries, or even the United States (as Theo Bleckmann). They express themselves through various artistic media, from painting to photography (Patrick Rimond), drawing or sculpture (sometimes very surprising, like Anne-Valérie Dupond’s reinterpretation of classic academic busts, made in simple pieces of fabric sewn together). Glumo, a well known character of the art scene, is also a frequent guest of the gallery.

So, push open the door of the 53 Rue Daguerre and enter a world of art and poetry, one of those rare places where emotion can freely develop, in an intimate but friendly atmosphere, where art lovers will always be warmly welcomed.