The Cartier Foundation was created in 1984 by the world famous French luxury brand, on a suggestion from the famous French sculptor César. Since 1994, it has offered many prestigious exhibitions, in a spectacular building by French star architect Jean Nouvel. By the years, the foundation has become one of the reference spots in Paris for contemporary art lovers, and international artists regularly settle their creations in the vast exhibitions rooms, opened to various modes of expression: painting, sculpture, installation, photography, graphic art, design, video, and even fashion.

This ecclectism reflects the desire of the Fondation Cartier to bring a larger audience to contemporary creation. And indeed, it has proved a success, as the number of visitors of the exhibitions can easily testify. This effort at making art accessible to all can also be perceived in the architecture itself, a large glass-box elegantly set in a garden and looking directly on the street, and in the light-filled rooms of the first floor, with their glass panels allowing passers-by to discover some of the exhibited works from the outside, without even entering the building.

Each year, the Fondation Cartier presents a rich program of personal or collective exhibitions, and even commissions works from artists to enrich its private collection, which has grown quite important over the years. The Fondation also regularly organizes “Nomadic Nights” (“Nuits Nomades”), during which artists explore links between visual arts and other forms of contemporary creation, another way to make the place a lively spot, surprising and attracting to various audiences, from art specialists to children.