The Fondation Henri Cartier-Bresson was created in 2003 by Martine Franck and Mélanie Cartier-Bresson, the wife and daughter of the great French photographer. The Fondation pays homage to this internationally famous master of photography and works at the preservation of his large body of work, while also presenting an interesting program of exhibitions from other artists (not only photographers) or collectors (as the Howard Greenberg collection in spring 2013). The house was formerly an artist studio. Well hidden in a blind alley, in front of a school and under a splendid Japanese cherry-tree, it is settled in the neighbourhood of Montparnasse, one of the most animated artistic areas in Paris.  Quite narrow but expanding on several levels, the Fondation has two small temporary exhibition rooms, while the upper floor, with its high glass canopy, is dedicated to Cartier-Bresson’s pictures and offers a resting space where to muse in the catalogs published by the Fondation. It is possible to buy these books, as well as postcards and posters, in the small bookshop on the first floor. One has to ring a doorbell to enter the Fondation Henri Cartier-Bresson, but the staff is very friendly and the exhibitions are of great quality, so don’t hesitate to push the door !