It’s hard to go back to a cup of dishwater served around Paris once you’ve had a full-flavored cup of coffee at Café Lomi. Café Lomi, well known as a supplier for upscale restaurants & café’s around Paris, has opened a venue serving as a roastery, training area for baristas, office and café.

The new space is gorgeous, full of refurbished old wood, with floor-to-ceiling windows, a communal table and leather armchairs. It’s perfectly set up for the winter, where the cold weather generally just makes me want to hang out here all day.

Here the coffee has that little bit of extra ; the beans are fresh grounded for each cup, the designs the baristas make in the foam of the cappuccino aren’t just to flaunt but a sign they have latte-art qualities and know how to properly foam the milk. It’s hard to resist their delicious patisserie too , prepared sur place avec fruits de la saison.

With friends or by your self, for a quick bite or for a casual client meeting, Café Lomi it is!