As their cute owl logo reminded me of Harry Potter’s pet Hedwig who helps communication between wizards, I instantly knew that there must be something magical about this place.

Located near the famous Japanese quarter of Paris, Telescope channels Scandinavian blond wood with warm beige undertones in their design. It kind of has this minimalistic concept looking at their interior and menu; drinks and food options are quite skimpy. But this is exactly what turns minimalistic into magical. No matter what they serve at Telescope you can taste the quality dripping off it. The coffee they serve is absurd delicious and high quality. They roast their own beans (sourced from the UK and Norway), use raw organic milk and even serve homemade carbonated water with it. I love to have my breakfast here as well. I make it my reward for getting up early in the morning; the thick slice of toasted fresh sourdough bread with butter together with a single-origin kalita drip or the famous Emperer Norton’s granola with yoghurt is my usual habit. I just wished they would serve it after 12 as well, for those days that you just can’t trick yourself out of bed.

As we learn in life, all magic comes with a price. The price of sharing sacred places like Telescope with the hope not loosing it’s charm and consistency in quality.