Sometimes it’s tough to meet and catch up with friends. Everybody has their own busy lives and their social obligations. For me the best option is usually to meet up for breakfasts on Sundays, having long conversations on how we survived our complaining boss during the week, relationship issues and juicy details of the Saturday night.

At Claus I feel at ease. Here there is place to take your time going through details without being rushed by waiters, nor having the feeling of being cramped with 2 –inches between you and your neighbours table. The atmosphere is calm and relax where there is no need to speak out loud while in conversation. Which sometimes can be considered a luxury in Paris.

Breakfast is served upstairs. The menus are printed daily with the date and the weather forecast for the day, and have an amazing selection of early morning eats; fragrant breads with butter and comfiture, poached eggs ,muesli a la maison, oeuf a la coque , cakes, yoghurt , fresh juices and scones are just a few options .

Although the service is pleasant and the dishes are of high quality, there is still need for just a touch of improvement looking at the prices. The toasts served with the oeuf a la coque were not served hot, the basket with bread came without butter and could be refilled after a second order in my opinion…. still remains my perfect place to linger over breakfast in peace with friends.