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Breakfast at Claus

Sometimes it’s tough to meet and catch up with friends. Everybody has their own busy lives and their social obligations. […]

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YUE MINJUN at Fondation Cartier pour L’Art contemporain

The first major European exhibition dedicated to the Chinese contemporary artist Yue Minjun will be held at Fondation Cartier pour […]

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Restaurant La Maison Mere

Bobo’s is a short term for Bohemian Bourgeois Parisians who can be categorized as trendy, young ,high income couples with […]

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‘Paris seen by Hollywood’ exhibition

Paris, the city of love is the most shot location in Hollywood movies. Approximately 800 movies “ took place” in […]

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Coffee at Le Telescope

As their cute owl logo reminded me of Harry Potter’s pet Hedwig who helps communication between wizards, I instantly knew […]

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As soon as you pas the vintage red Fiat in the courtyard you already feel the immaculate styling of the store. […]

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Kaws exposition at Galerie Perrotin

Almost any art-toy-collecting member around the world knows the work of Brian Donnelly, better known as KAWS .The NY-Williamsburg based […]

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Great coffee at Cafe Lomi

It’s hard to go back to a cup of dishwater served around Paris once you’ve had a full-flavored cup of […]

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